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Getting Started

You've made the decision to remodel your home. Where do you begin? What we do at BKC of Westfield is help you to establish a budget for your project and discuss cabinetry for the proposed space based on a meeting with one of our designers.

At your first scheduled appointment, be prepared to have basic measurements of the space or an architect's floor plan so that we may establish your budget. It is always helpful to have magazine clippings or photos which help us determine a design direction.

During an interview, your designer will determine a style that suits you, your home and your life style. This discussion is the most important time you will spend with your designer, since this conversation will allow us to understand what is important to you in your home. We will discuss cabinetry door styles, wood and color finishes to create the look you desire.

As with all home remodeling projects, you get what you pay for. How much do you want to invest in your project? Cabinetry comes in all price ranges and it is helpful for us to understand how much you would like to invest and to have an idea where to go in terms of design.

What is the next step?
Your next step is to schedule an appointment to sit with one of the designers here in the showroom. Be prepared to spend one to two hours of time. Your designer will have a basic floor plan and a written estimate for cabinetry, countertops and installation. A job site visit may be necessary to further understand the proposed space.

Once you have reviewed the floor plan and are comfortable with the budget, we will ask for a retainer. This is a non refundable fee which is applied toward the purchase of cabinetry.

Why do we ask for a retainer?
We consider each client relationship important and want to devote time to establish a personal rapport. A retainer is our commitment to you to provide unique design solutions tailored to your home. We hand draw most floor plans and elevations that take considerable thought and artistic ability.

The Design phase
We are now ready to begin the design phase. Your designer creates hand drawn detailed floor plans and elevations so that you can visualize the space. We will explain each cabinet, accessory and moulding detail that will bring your design to life. A complete written proposal will be presented with final cabinetry and countertop costs. We will revise the floor plan and make any necessary changes to the floor plan before finalizing the cabinetry order.

Placing a cabinet order
A cabinetry order requires a 50% deposit with the remainder, less the retainer, due upon delivery to your job site. All payments are made by personal checks. Once cabinetry is delivered, either our installers or your contractor can begin the installation process. This process is discussed further in our “Surviving a home remodel” handbook.

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Stock Cabinetry
Semi-Custom Cabinetry
Full Custom Cabinetry